Genevieve Gilchrist


After earning an honors BA in Communications from San Diego State University, Genevieve moved to New York where she worked in Consumer Products Marketing for Penguin Group, USA.  It is there where she honed her skills in creative writing, strategic planning and project coordination and contributed to national campaigns for Penguin’s licensed products.  These skills have translated perfectly into Red Cashew’s business model particularly well in the areas of concept and brand development where her ideas have contributed to projects internationally.  Her unique combination of skills provides Red Cashew with the ability to deliver excellence in writing concept documents and organizing projects, both on the conceptual as well as deliverables side. 

A native of California, Genevieve decided to return to her roots where she began her design career for Brookfield Homes, one of the largest home builders in the United States.  Working for a large corporation in a competitive California housing market, Genevieve managed schedules, walk throughs and specifications in her position as a design assistant.  This position resonated with her so much that she returned to school and earned an Associates degree in Interior Design so that she could advance in the profession.  At Red Cashew she is responsible for the management of all concept and brand documents, interior specifications, client relations and project installations.

Genevieve is a person who does not know the meaning of the words “slow down” and is a true entrepreneur.  Not only does she maintain a career in design but she has merged her entrepreneurial spirit with a love of viniculture into a winery business that she manages on nights and weekends.   Committed to practicing yoga and passionate about organic living, Genevieve strives to live a healthy life and to sustain a healthy planet.

What Nancy says about Genevieve
“What I love most about Genevieve is how incredibly she manages to maintain a semblance of order here at the office while juggling her busy schedule at her and her husband’s winery.  Her entrepreneurial spirit is one that I relish every day.  Having such an ambitious individual working here makes it a lot of fun especially when we are brainstorming concepts.”